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Scrap Shears & Demo Attachments

The mobile attachment you've always wanted

The heaviest duty hydraulic attachments for all Demolition and Scrap processing. ZATO CAYMAN Scrap mobile shears and Concrete Pulverizers. A wide range of models to suit all your processing needs!

ZATO Mobile Scrap & Demolition Shear

suitable for machines weighing 6 to 120 tons

The New CAYMAN SHEARS...are a unique combination of power, strength and efficiency making it one of the worlds choice for heavy duty everyday use. While over 1400 ZATO shears have been sold , the new CAYMAN series represents a new standard in mobile shear attachments.  The ZATO engineering teams aim was not simply to develop an all purpose scrap shear, or to match those already in the market. What has been developed is a unique NEW product, like no other shear on the market, uncompromisingly powerful, efficient and fast.

Features include:
• Outstanding ratio between cutting force
and shear weight
• HARDOX steel material in the moving and lower jaw, Weldox wear plate in the body and frame
• Specific design work in the development of the jaw apex and moving jaw geometry for increased opening and cutting power
• Increased Cylinder bore protected and accessible,  insulated within the shear body
• Fully enclosed, reinforced steel structure designed to eliminate and minimize any side twisting or flexing
• Heavy duty, fully protected main pin components for maximum life and reliability
• Easy adjustable DUAL side slide puck mechanism for moving jaw adjustment
• Corrosion resistant finishing and waterproof design
• Fully protected pivot area
"18 month manufacturers warranty"

CG Multi-Function Demolition Grapple

Crush / Pulverize / Sort All-In-One Attachment!

The Robi CG is multifunctional crusher grapple that has been designed for heavy demolition and recycling applications. The intrinsic design enables the operator to cover three different applications with one attachment - crushing, pulverizing and handling.

The Robi crusher grapple is capable of crushing steel reinforced concrete up to 11-3/4" (300 mm) in thickness through the use of a jaw option, and finishing the job using pulverizing plates, or purely handling the material. This means that by using the Robi crusher grapple the job can be processed and finished using a single carrier, operator and attachment.

Features and Benefits:
• Multifunctionality means a single device for three applications with only one operator and carrier
• Simple structure, interchangable inserts for crushing & pulverizing
• Strong functional structure results in long life in all applications
• Replaceable Teeth specifically desiged for crushing
• Pulverising plates for separating concrete from steel
• Covers for protecting the base when teeth or plates are removed
• Cylinder rod fully protected, powerful cylinder with breaks

Gensco F-Series Mini Mobile Shear

For compact excavators up to 8 ton weight class

Compact F200, F250 & F300 mini excavator shears

The F Series Shear is designed for excavators in the 5-20 ton range. Perfect for cutting materials in hard to reach places or anywhere else. Suitable for Ferrous and Non-Ferrous heavy insulated cable, wire rope, pipes, joists, beams, etc.

Features include:
• Outstanding ratio between cutting force and shear weight
• Fully protected main pin
• Open face dual acting replaceable blades
• Shears weigh up to 680lbs 
• Blade Openings from 8" - 11.5" 
• Cutting Forces up to 120 tons

CC Demolition Cutter/Crusher

Cut and Crush With One Attachment

The CC Cutter/Crusher has been designed for demolition applications, specifically for concrete structures with steel beams. Versatility is assured as it possesses teeth for crushing concrete and long cutting blades for steel cutting. Its singular cylinder geometry is ideal for long reach boom applications, and its design enables impressive access to narrow hard to access areas.

Features and Benefits:
• Three models ranging in capacities
• Long, turnable cutting blades with excellent resistance
• Large opening enables the crushing of large pieces of material increasing operational productivity
• Optimal crushing geometry through a single cylinder structure enabling the channeling of the full force through the movement of the machine
• Optimized tooth design with a convex shaped breaker

GENSCO SH-Series Mini Scrap & Demolition Shear

For compact machines up to 8 ton weight class

The Mini SH mobile attachment series of Shears are designed with small hydraulic machines in mind.  Suitible for scrap and demolition applications, cutting and lifting heavy wire, strapping, rebar, pipe, I-beam, concrete and more.

Recommended machine operating weights up to 10 ton.  Can be supplied to fit skid loaders, mini excavators and loader booms. Attachments are manufactured with HARDOX 500 steel, cutting blades are reversable with multiple cutting edges and are made from durable tool steel, easy to shim, re-sharpen and repalce.

All models are equipped with a mechanical "free" 360 degree rotator.  "SH50R-SH" model is equipped with a 360 deg. powered hydraulic rotator, special piercing tip option available.

MP Multiprocessor Attachment

Demolition and Recycling Attachment with Interchangeable Jaws

The MP Attachment was designed for multipurpose demolition and recycling applications. The MP can be equipped with four interchangeable jaws. A-Jaws for long-reach primary crushing. The D-Jaws comes with two sets of teeth - one for crushing and another for pulverizing loose concrete. M-Jaws for metal shearing when no concrete is present. And S-jaws, for cutting and crushing concrete buildings with steel beams. 

Features and Benefits:
• Five models ranging in capacities
• Multipurpose design - no need for seperate cutter, crusher, pulverizer or other equipment
• High operational speed valve for improved productivity
• Easily changeable jaws leading to increased productivity and less downtime
• Optimized hydraulics producing no overheating and lower fuel consumption

Gensco DE-Series Mobile Concrete Crushers

For compact machines up to 8 ton weight class

Gensco offers a new range of compact and lightweight concrete crushers for small compact excavators and loaders weighing 2000-13000lbs.

The very low profile allows easy access inside buildings, difficult to reach working areas and narrow spaces. 360 degree free mechanical rotation standard.

Now it's possible to equip your machine with a professional crusher and safely operate without noise, massive debris and vibrations.

Model 430 DE-T34 crusher
with variable adjustment jaws (optional special treated crushing tips)
Unit weight: 335 lbs (152kgs)
Crush force(tip): 37US tons / Rebar cut dia:1"(25M)
Concrete walls: 1" - 17" thick (50-430mm)

Model 430-2DE-T44 crusher
Unit weight: 540 lbs (245kgs)
Crush force(tip): 48US tons / Rebar cut dia:1.2"(30M)
Concrete walls: 1" - 17" thick (50-435mm)

Gensco TC-120 Tank Cutter

Specialized Mobile Tool to Cut Steel Tanks & Plate

Cut steel tanks and plates up to 5/8" (15 mm) in thickness safely with the newly developed machine-guided TC120 Tank Cutter. Increase your productivity and cut coated tanks even with residual content finally risk-free!

Features and Benefits:
• Cuts steel plates up to 5/8" (15 mm) thickness
• Cuts high tensile steel plates up to 1/2" (12 mm) thickness
• 360° Hydrualic Rotation
• Cutting Force at 60 tons
• Light weight design at 600 lbs *plus lugging adaptor*

Gensco Dynaset Dust Suppression System

High Pressure Water Mist at Tool Source

Using dust suppression at demolition, crushing etc. work sites greatly enhances work efficiency and safety. It makes the air notably clearer, and results in better visibility and safer breathing – even the taste and smell of dust are gone.

The system can be used effectively in all machine-operated work, where dust emission is considerable. In urban areas dust control is essential to avoid soiling the surroundings.

The high pressure dust suppression system is based on the powerful Dynaset hydraulic high pressure water pump. High pressure water is sprayed directly to treated area through special nozzles. Mist-like atomized water binds even the smallest dust particles and makes them fall down in a controlled manner. Dry, the particles would float in the air freely and eventually land far from the work area – this can be prevented with high pressure dust suppression system – with low water consumption.

Zato RB40 Mobile Rail Cutting Shear

75 lb/yd (37.2 kg/m) to *136 lb/yd (67.0kg/m)

Unlike any product on the market the RB40 is specifically designed to cut high tensile strength rail quickly and efficiently with precision.

The RB40 features a completely enclosed hydraulic cylinder, heavily constructed main pin and bearing, specially designed jaw apex and indexable top/bottom cutting blades for rail cutting, HARDOX moving and lower jaw for resistance to the toughest material and environment.  All shears are offered standard with an oversized planetary gear driven 360 degree rotation.  Includes custom boom adaptor for most excavator models.

Attachment weight: 4000kgs / 8800 lbs (w/o adaptor)
Jaw: Opening: 8.5" (216mm) - Depth: 7.5" (190mm)
Suitable for machines weighing 24 to 40 tons

Highlights Include:
• Reduces labor costs with respect to torching and other cutting methods eliminating safety risks
• Minimizes wear and tear and damage to other equipment that is often used for this work, protects mobile excavators and cranes reducing wear and minimizing diesel consumption
• HARDOX 450 steel and WELDOX 700 wear plate
• Easily interchange cutting blades, bolts and shim stock
• Fully enclosed and protected hydraulic components

The RB40R will handle all rails 136 lb/yard and below.
75 lb/yd (37.2 kg/m) to *136 lb/yd (67.0kg/m)*

Gensco Hydraulic Priority Oil Flow Valve Kits

Priority and Load Sense Valves for Constant Power

Gensco's Dynaset PV SAE priority and load sense valves are specifically designed to be installed to almost any hydraulic system. This reliable oil flow valve kit enables operation of any hydraulic powered accessory simultaneously with other hydraulic equipment or functions. The valve ensures priority and non-fluctuating hydraulic oil flow to your unit. The priority valve is designed to operate together with a hydraulic pump's control in most hydraulic systems.  Can be activated by a 24v selenoid by way of electric push buttons, toggle or foot switch. 

Complete PV SAE valve assembly consists of:
* Pressure compensator PV SAE
* Control valve
* Flow limiter (preset to desired flow)
* Connection hoses
* Solenoid valve or Pilot control LS valve