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Introducing Gensco's Latest Addition: The IBQ-4T


Gensco continues to address the need for greater efficiency in end-of-life vehicle depollution and dismantling equipment. As auto recyclers strive to find eco-friendly methods of recycling vehicles and meet both state and federal regulations, the demand for time-saving and intelligent equipment has grown exponentially.  

In mid-June, Gensco invited the owners of an auto recycling operation in Quebec to Toronto to demonstrate the IBQ-4T depollution system that those owners have now acquired. This innovative system promises remarkable efficiency for auto recycling operations. The IBQ-4T stands out due to its ability to effortlessly separate and store various fluids. Notably, multiple fluids can be extracted simultaneously at an impressive rate of approximately 50 liters per minute. The inclusion of an automated fuel-tank punch drill not only ensures safer procedures but also reduces labor intensity and boosts operational speed.

The enthusiastic response from the new IBQ owners was evident during the demonstration. The system's potential to optimize their recycling processes was met with clear satisfaction. A significant advantage is the straightforward assessment of fuel and diesel quality, facilitating their categorization into appropriate storage tanks for either reuse or safe disposal. The comprehensive nature of this compact, user-friendly system makes it an all-in-one solution.


The IBQ's 5-Hose Drainage System is the ultimate time-saver. Each hose uses specialized attachments and is powered by its own dedicated pump. This system will "scrape the bottom of the barrel" of all residual fluids. It not only maximizes fluid recovery but prevents even the slightest amount of cross-contamination caused by having to use the same hose for windshield and brake fluid, for example. ROI, compliance, and the environment were foremost in mind during the design of this state-of-the-art technology.


Until now, depollution and dismantling systems have either been large and heavy units with significant footprints or a combination of smaller units. Iris Mec offers something above standard. Everything is included in one integrated system and powered by a single source. Of course, all components can be sold separately to enhance systems already in place, but our customers often prefer the ease of use and simplicity of working with an integrated unit. 

Check out the video clip from the day's demo!


As the auto recycling industry evolves to meet the demands of a more environmentally conscious world, innovations like the IBQ-4T from Gensco, in partnership with Iris Mec, are leading the way. The remarkable efficiency and intelligent design of this depollution system signify a transformative shift in how end-of-life vehicles are processed. With the ability to seamlessly separate and store various fluids, the IBQ-4T not only accelerates operations but also ensures that every drop of value is extracted from each vehicle.


Auto recyclers are no longer faced with the choice between large, space-consuming units or piecing together smaller ones. The IBQ-4T's integrated approach offers a solution that streamlines processes, enhances productivity, contributes to a greener planet, and remains profitable.

Share your insights on auto recycling and the challenges we face with vehicle depollution as well as success stories. I will try to publish helpful comments on this page.


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