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Four Generations of Gensco Equipment

Over 100 years. It's a long time. Enough time to develop a loyal customer base and valuable sources of supply throughout the world. Most importantly, a reputation for honesty, knowledge, and fairness across a range of industries. Simply put, GENSCO Equipment has supplied a wide range of goods and services to countless large and small companies.

Started in 1919, GENSCO maintains a complete manufacturing facility in Toronto, Canada plus a warehouse and sales office near Atlanta, Georgia, USA. In addition to manufacturing partnerships with highly respected companies worldwide, GENSCO takes pride in a large distribution and dealer network which covers every continent. Whether it's equipment for scrap processors, steel mills, rebar fabricators, building supply houses, electrical switchgear manufacturers, or electrical contractors, Gensco has the equipment you need.

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The Art of Recycling

The art of transforming one physical object into commodities. Something common into something precious. Wrecks into raw materials. Old into new. Beer cans into battleships - and back again. The art of recycling.



The recycling industry has reshaped itself over time. Constantly evolving with market demands, it has created new business methods, safety practices, and processing technologies. Most important, is its vital role in public responsibility and environmental impact on the world at large.

As the recycling industry and the global markets have changed, Gensco Equipment, established in 1919, has been there to help play a fundamental role. Originally established as the General Salvage Company in the East End of Toronto, owner Joseph Zelunka's primary focus was auto wrecking and used car parts.

When Joseph's son, Louis, began working for his father, the business started to shift. Louis was an innovative problem solver and following in his father's entrepreneurial footsteps, he approached the business with an alternative perspective.


After acquiring a taste for machinery in the scrap yard, Louis combined his interest in machinery with the art of recycling.

Man holding alligator shear blade

By the early 1960s, the majority of the family business was concentrated on equipment for the handling and processing of metals. Zelunka's unique perspective made him a valuable consultant on the safest and most cost-efficient systems for scrap handling.

Truck Carrying Scrap Yard Magnets

Gensco continues today, run by Louis' three sons, Alan, Shelly, and David, and has expanded its product offerings even further to meet the demands of the industry worldwide.

At its core is Gensco's scrap recycling equipment: Alligator shears, Canmag scrap handling magnets, Dynaset hydraulic generators, grapples, cable strippers, shredders, balers, Lukas cutting tools, and more. Louis offered a wide range of parts and services as well. Often foreseeing industry trends, he customized equipment in his own shop or requested manufacturers to meet his specifications. Over the years, he traveled the United States and Canada meeting metal dealers and matching customers to equipment.

By the mid-80s, with new market demands, Gensco had added further products to its line of equipment. Rebar benders and excavator shears to the construction industry, busbar, bender, and punchermachines to the electrical industry, material handling equipment to the railway sector, and the full range of Dynaset and Lukas hydraulic products.

We are still successfully innovating and problem solving. Reshaping and transforming. With the same commitment to our environment. The same commitment to matching the right customers to the right equipment. Renewing the art of recycling.

With one hundred years of experience, Gensco has earned a reputation for honesty and reliability, building valuable relationships with suppliers and processors around the world. With our extensive expertise, we have the knowledge and connections to recommend the correct product at competitive prices.

Scrap Magnet Alligator Shear Automatic Wire Stripper and Grapple