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Balers and Briquetters

Hydraulic baling presses for every application

Hydraulic Horizonal & Vertical Baling Presses for every application. Automatic and manual systems. Combination shear-balers. Briquetters and "densifiers" for non-ferrous and UBC. Special briquetters for shredded products.

Downstroke Vertical Balers

GENSCO offers Vertical Balers which are known for their rugged work ethic... year after year. Heavy duty construction with the best electrical and hydraulic components on the market. With many different models to choose from, whether processing OCC, Shredded ONP, UBC or light NF, Gensco can offer a baler to fit your companies needs. 

Low Profile Units & High Density Units
OCC, PET, UBC, Shredded Paper and More!
Non Ferrous... No Problem!  Special Vertical NF model with optional infeed conveyor, 30HP and 10" main cylinder...

Horizontal Full-Eject Closed Door Balers

Horizontal Full-Eject Closed Door Balers

GENSCO offers a complete line of Horizontal Closed End FULL EJECT Balers.  Bale multiple materials faster, without advance preparation using fluffers, shredders, or perforators. Our largest Full Eject Baler uses a single trunnion mounted cylinder, generating up to 235,000 pounds of pressure as the packing ram travels to within six inches of the packing door. The result is a baler that defeats the memory of plastics, compresses high grade paper into a virtual brick, and tackles all non-ferrous materials without a whimper. The Full Eject is ideally suited to operations that process a variety of materials, demanding high output with minimal labor. The Full Eject is the perfect choice for operators who insist on heavy-weight toughness and reliability, and a proven track record for long term service.  With a variety of customised options to fit your needs, the Full Eject delivers.

Two Ram Auto-Tie

Two Ram Auto-Tie baler

An economical, space saving two-ram, auto-tie baler designed and built to process a wide variety of recyclable materials without the need for pre-conditioning. 

Metalpress 150

For Recycling Metal Chips and Shavings

Metal Briquetting Presses

Steel, Aluminum, Wood Swarf and scrap turnings from mechanical machining production can be recycled into cylindrical briquettes by means of specially designed presses.  5 models to choose from designed to meet any operation or production size.  OEM processors or recycling operations.

Advantages to puck briquetters

- Volume Reduction

- Handling and freight costs

- Recycling costs

- Eco-friendly

- increased return in value during melting process

- recovery of oils and lubricants

Wood Press

Briquetting Press for Recycling Wood Chips and Shavings

Our hydraulic wood pressing machine is intended for small-large size carpentries and industrial companies to recycle wood chips and grinded chips with min.-max. 8-17% moisture content, transforming them into cylindrical briquettes of variable diameter (according to the press)

The briquettes are pressed with no addition of alloying elements or chemical additives and considerably reduce the volume. The briquetting press can be installed on silos or filtering units, on their internal or external side.