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Bar, Mesh, Chain Cutting & Bending Tools

Cut and Bend all types of solid Bar and Steel Chain. A full range of Portable & Stationary Cable Cutting hand tools. Speciality cutters for Copper, Aluminum & Steel Bars including Mesh, Rebar & Pre-stress Strand.

TW Series Pre-Stress Strand Utility Cutter

TW19 portable Pre-Stress cutting tool
Suitable for cutting 7/Part Pre-Stress Stranded Wires, three versions to choose from.
Capacity: 16mm / 5/8" 7/Part Wire & EHS Guy Wires
Unit weight... Show More

RD Rod & Bar Electric/Battery Utility Straightener

RD8-20 Battery Powered Bender – Cap to #6 / ¾” – 20M

RD8-20 Electric Powered Bender 115V – Cap to #6 / ¾” – 20M

Weight: 17lbs
Pressure: 4... Show More

HCH Series Cutters

chain bolt cutting tool jag
chain bolt cutting tool jag

The HCH series cutting tools are designed as compact cutters for close up precision cutting operations with single acting cylinders. The straight edged double bladed cutting system helps to maximize the power to weight ratio for cutting chain, wire,... Show More

CK Series Hydraulic Chain Utility Cutter

The CK Series Chain Cutter comes in various designs and capacities to best suit user needs. The CK0016 model includes an integral hand pump. Other models are powered by an external hand, air, electric, battery, or gas pump. CK0216, CK0230,... Show More

BC16-MH120 Cordless Bolt Cutters

Specially designed for cutting container seals and bolts
Comes with: Carry Case, Shoulder Strap, Head turns 180 degrees
Supplied with 2 x 14.4V Panasonic Batteries... Show More

MU16 Bolt & Mesh - Utility Cutter

Gensco offers the MU 16 cutting tool
Suitable for cutting steel bolts, mesh, bar, rod …
Self contained hydraulics. No pump required
Capacity: 5/8"  or approx 16 mm (mild steel)... Show More

PNEUMATIC MESH & Bar Utility Cutter

pneumatic cutting tool shearing steel wire
pneumatic cutting tool shearing rebar
pneumatic cutting tool

The Rapidcut pneumatic cutters offer a fast, clean cut with an absolute minimum operator effort. Perfect for cutting wire and rod, wire mesh, strand, and rebar. Three standard models, each available with various blade... Show More

ECO-Series Bar Utility Cutter

Economical electro-Hydraulic handheld shears for cutting bar:


IS-MC16E - #5 - 5/8” - 15M 115V
29-PMC19-3 - #6 - 3/4” - 20M 115V

Battery Powered... Show More

MU16 P Rod & Bar Electric Utility Bender

Gensco offers the MU16 P portable bar bender
Suitable for bending bar and rod
Self contained hydraulics. No pump required
Capacity: 16 mm / R=65 daN/mm2 (mile steel)
Bending force: 21000 lbs (10.5... Show More

PR16-32 Bending/Straightening Utility Tool

Gensco offers the PR16 - 32
Bending and straightening machine, with 180° rotating head
- Fitted with Rollers ø 28÷32 mm
- 1106995 Roller for bending ø 22÷26 mm
- 1106996 Roller for... Show More

T-Series Bar Utility Cutter

T22N - #6 / 3/4” - 20M 115V

TYC25N - #8 / 1” - 25M 115V

T30N - #9 / 1-1/8” - 29M 115V

T30N - #9 / 1-3/16” - 30M Hydraulic Cutting Head (10,000 psi Pump... Show More