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Cable Cutting & Crimping Tools

Cut and Crimp all sizes of Electrical & Steel Cable. A full range of Portable & Stationary Cable Cutting hand tools with capacity over 6 inch diameter. Speciality cutters for Steel Wire Rope, ACSR, & Pre-Stress cable.

LSI Portable Hydraulic Scrap Utility Cutters

lukas handheld hydraulic shear jaws of life hurst
lukas handheld hydraulic shear jaws of life hurst

Portable Cutter for cutting scrap cable, requires separate power unit

The LSI series of cutting tools are ideal cutters for mobile application in scrap yards, construction sites sites or building demolition & abatement. Can also be used for cutting work under water.
Highlights include: Light weight, precise thumb operation in any working position through unique LUKAS Star grip valve, regrindable blades, can be optionally equipped with blades in different shapes, highly durable sliding plates, dirt protection.
Recommended application:
With straight blades or combi blades:
• Recycling of household goods
• Cutting of material on junk yards
• Cutting of flat material
With curved blades:
• Recycling of cars, Recycling of cables, demolition, dismantling or renovation work in buildings
Complete with 12"  whip hose pair & quick couplers.  Additional hydraulic hoses can be offered with electric or gas driven power unit
Recommended power unit: PO6-LSI
Accessories include: Steel transport cart, various blade options, gas & pneumatic power units, spring loaded balancer, extension & connection hose, etc.

F-Series Portable Scrap Utility Cutters

edilgrappa f130 f 150 handheld hydraulic scrap cutter tool

Electro-Hydraulic hand held portable tool

F Series of cutting tools
Completely self contained tool with handle - Suitable for cutting metal pipe, angle, wire and cable, rope, etc. Self-Contained electro-hydraulic tools designed for intermittant cutting in a recycling or demolition environment.
F-130N T30 Cut force: 70000 lbs (35tons)
F-150N T40 Cut force: 88000 lbs (44tons)

F-130N blade opening: 5 inches (130mm)
F-150N blade opening: 5.8 inches (150mm)
Pressure: 7980-10000 psi (600-700 BAR)

Weight F-130N T30 electric: 33lbs (15.4kgs)
Weight F-130N T30 20V battery: 27lbs (12 kgs)
Weight F-130N T30 GAS: 35lbs (16kgs)

Weight F-150N T40 electric: 44lbs (20kgs)
Weight F-150N T40 36V battery: 43lbs (20kgs)
Weight F-150N T40 GAS: 48lbs (22kgs)
Approx. Dim: 26"x9.5"x9.5" (650x240x240mm)

Power options:
1. 115/230 volt, Single Phase 50/60Hz.
2. Honda GX25 1HP Gas Pull Start
3. Dewalt Battery

HCU Series Cutters

wire rope cutting tool jag
wire rope cutting tool jag

Steel Wire Rope and Electric Cable Cutting Tools

HCU series cutting tools are designed for near and remote cutting operations, equipped with double acting cylinder and a concaved edged single blade cutting system to ensure a clean and full cut. A prove track record within the manufacturing, mining, recycling, construction, demolition, offshore, and nuclear power industries. 

Model No. HCU 38
Capacity: Approx. 1.5" or 38 mm
Cutting force: 36 tons
Unit weight approx 66 lbs
Dimensions: (400x155x270mm)

Model No. HCU 63
Capacity: Approx. 2.5" or 63 mm
Cutting force: 80 tons
Unit weight approx 155 lbs
Dimensions: (450x200x390mm)

Model No. HCU 90
Capacity: Approx. 3.5" or 90 mm
Cutting force: 80 tons
Unit weight approx 175 lbs
Dimensions: (515x200x390mm)

Model No. HCU 114
Capacity: Approx. 4.5" or 114 mm
Cutting force: 120 tons
Unit weight approx 300 lbs
Dimensions: (570x280x445mm)

TC & TF Hydraulic Wire Rope/Cable Utility Cutter

chain and wire rope cutter
chain and wire rope cutter
chain and wire rope cutter

Hydraulic Cutting Tool: Cable & Steel Wire Rope - Requires 10,000psi power unit

Suitable for cutting steel wire rope, electric cables up to 7 inches diameter … Hydraulic Power Pack required with 10,000psi output, suitable for a dual acting cylinder, optional electric push button activation.  HPU VDS700 or HPU CB700 required

Model No. TF 63 DE (150.2611)
Steel Wire Capacity: 2.35"  or approx 60 mm
Cutting force: 190000 lbs (87 tons)
Unit weight approx 148 lbs (67kgs)
Dimensions: (670x240x176mm)

Model No. TC 90 (155.023)
Electric Cable Capacity: 3.55"  or approx 90 mm
Cutting force: 120000 lbs (55 tons)
Unit weight approx 170 lbs (80kgs)
Dimensions: (675x230x200mm)

Model No. TC 140 (150.1102)
Electric Cable Capacity: 5.5"  or approx 140 mm
Cutting force: 154000 lbs (70 tons)
Unit weight approx 265 lbs (120kgs)
Dimensions: (775x250x300mm)

Model No. TC 180 (150.2086)
Electric Cable Capacity: 7"  or approx 180 mm
Cutting force: 174000 lbs (79 tons)
Unit weight approx 265 lbs (120kgs)
Dimensions: (775x250x300mm)

TC & TF Electric Wire Rope/Cable Utility Cutter

Cutting Tool: Cable & Steel Wire Rope up to 2" Diameter

Gensco offers the TF 32 DE
Steel Wire Capacity: 1-3/16"  or approx 30 mm

Gensco offers the TC 55F42 DE
Cable Capacity: 2"  or approx 55 mm
Steel Wire Capacity: 1.5" or approx 42mm

Suitable for cutting steel wire rope, electric cables …
Self contained hydraulics. No pump required
Cutting force: 38000 lbs (19 tons)
Pressure: 9000 psi (600 BAR)
Unit weight approx 30 lbs (15kgs)
Dimensions: (560x185x240mm)
Requires 120 volt, single phase power.

CC Series Cable Cutters

hydraulic cable cutter
hydraulic cable cutter

Hydraulic Cable Cutting Tools

The CC Series Cable Cutter comes in various designs and capacities to best suit user needs. 
CC0018, CC0040, CC0075 models are self contained tools, supplied with a relief valve. Model CC0260 is double acting for quick retraction and is recommended for sub-sea applications.

Rotating heads for easy operation
Simple replacement blade installation
Carry case included

Cutting Capacity: 11/16" - 2.3" (18 - 60mm)

WRC-20 Electric Wire Rope Utility Cutter

Electric Power 110V Single Phase

WRC-20 Electric Wire Rope Cutter

Makes light work of cutting wire rope
Cuts steel core wire rope to specification IWRC 6 x Fi(29)
Adjustable head: turns 180 degrees
Includes ergonomic shoulder strap

Technical Data:
Electrical Input: AC120V 60Hz
Output Pressure: 10tonf
Blades: Powder high-speed steel, with Titanium coating
Weight: 7.1kg
Cutting Capacity: diameter 20mm(3/4"),
IWRC 6 x Fi(24), steel core wire rope
Cutting Time: 4 seconds

WRCC-20 Cordless Wire Rope Utility Cutter

Battery Powered with Electric Charger

Model WRCC-20 Wire Rope Cutter

Comes With: Carry Case, Shoulder Strap, Batteries, Battery Charger, Custom tool to manually force release of blades

Technical Data:
Cuts steel core wire rope to specification IWRC 6 x Fi(29)
Blade construction: high-speed steel with titanium coating
Cutting capacity: 1.5mm(1/16")-20mm(3/4") wire rope
Cutting time: 8 seconds
Output pressure: 10ton/force
Adjustable head: turns 180 degrees
Weighs just 6.3kg

Hex Crimping Tool

Hydraulic Powered Crimping Tool

Capacity: 3/8 - 15.75 inches2 (10 - 400 mm2)
Weight: 13kg / 28lbs
Working Pressure: 700 bar

Hydraulic Powered Cable Utility Cutting Head

Cutting Heads with Capacity to 3 inch O.D. (75mm)

Hydraulic cutter heads designed for cutting copper, aluminum, ACSR, aluminum steel cable, steel ropes and rods.
Spring load return, tools require 10,000psi hydraulic pump suitable for single acting cylinder.
Models: S-60, S-100H, S-120H
Capacity to 3 inch O.D. (75mm)

Battery Powered Cable Utility Cutter

Hand Held Battery Cable Cutter

For cutting copper and aluminum cable up to 500 sq. mm (AWG 750MCM) 52mm / 2" dia.

Ratchet Cable Cutters

Ratcheting Style Cable Cutters for all Size Cable

Gensco offers a wide range of ratchet style cable cutters depending on user preferences and cable diameter. We can provide cutters for any diameter cable. 

Please contact us to choose the best ratchet style cutter to meet your specific needs. 

KC Manual Cable Cutting Tools

Capacity to 2 inches OD

Model KC 450
Tool length: 450mm / 18"
Cutting cap: 25mm / 1" (copper wire)
Weight: 1.4kg / 3.0 lbs

Model KC 800
Tool length: 800mm / 32"
Cutting cap: 50mm / 2" (copper wire)
Weight: 3.6kg / 7.9 lbs


Hand-operated hydraulic cutter

Hand-operated hydraulic cutter. Designed for cutting copper, aluminum, ACSR, aluminum steel & cable, steel ropes and rods.
Weight: 6kg / 13 lbs - Length: 630mm / 25"