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Cable Wire Recycling Machine

GET THE MOST FOR YOUR MATERIAL - HIGH QUALITY OUTPUT FOR MAXIMUM RETURN ON YOUR SCRAP. Having sold more compact granulators and separators in North America than any other supplier, Gensco has become the source for efficiently processing electronic and industrial wire and cable. Complete Guidetti cable chopping and separation systems with optional pre-shredding equipment. Available plants with throughput capacities up to 3,000 lbs/Hr.

SINCRO "EKO" Series Wire Processors

Sincro "Eko" Processing System (Meets most budgets, for a small processor, common household wire and cable with very low plastic, fibre or dirt waste content)  The compact SINCRO “Eko” is designed to process small Cu./Al. cable.  Wire is generally pre-sorted into similar conductor sizes prior to feeding these units. Pre-processing... Show More

SINCRO "PRO-C" Series Wire Processors

Sincro Processing System (Meets most budgets, for small-large processors, all types of wire and cable)
The SINCRO (formerly "C") is designed to process most common Copper/Aluminum cable, including large conductors.  Pre-sorted wire based on conductor size can be fed directly into this system.  Pre-processing by way of pre-cutting or... Show More

SINCRO "WIRE MILL" Cable Processor

The newest compact processing plant series is the SINCRO MILL. Designed to simultaneously process Al. or Cu. fine wire & rigid copper cables without any pre-sorting.  The Sincro Mill is a fully integrated system that includes a primary granulator, a zig-zag separator, a high speed refining mill and a vibratory air separating table to ensure 99% separation at the end... Show More

SINCRO "RECO" Mill Series

sincro machine recycling and separating scrap cable

Gensco offers Guidetti's New RECO-MILL®, a solution to recover all copper or aluminum fines lost or trapped with plastic, waste or contaminated with metals.

The RECO-MILL® can be set up on its own or within an existing system, combined with any granulation and separation plant.  A feed hopper can except hand fed or conveyored... Show More

Sincro "WIRE PRO" Processing Systems

The Wire Professional Line is composed of component systems that make up a processing line desinged for thoughput capacities over 2000 lbs/hr.  The system includes a pre-shredder, rasper (secondary-shredder), granulator and two zig-zag separators. The system has been designed to process and recover Cu. & Al. from cables and radiators.

These environmentally... Show More

Gensco Wire Processing Auxiliary Equipment

Gensco offers a complete line of auxiliary equipment and accessories necessary for easy material handling, preparation and automation. Small systems or large plants, we can supply the equipment needed.
Conveyor Belts:
The Conveyor Belts for transporting clean or waste material such as copper granules or tailings away from machinery.

Magnetic Belts (OVERBELT)
With or... Show More