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CANMAG 230V DC Scrap Yard Magnets

CANMAG Heavy Duty 230V DC Scrap Handling Magnets
The CANMAG Scrap Magnet Series are incredibly robust heavy duty deep field handling magnets manufactured with a cast steel shell, manganese steel bottom plate and ribbing for extra protection. Fully protected terminals with protective lid and plug in leads. Wound with a durable aluminum coil (optional copper coil available) for operation on 230 volts DC, suitable for rough everyday usage, offering the strongest magnetic lifts.

CANMAG LRH, LMR & LRD - Low Amp, Cool Running, Ribbed Magnets. Lifts are consistent over extended period of the day.  Ideal for continuous rough usage, all day, everyday!

All CANMAG magnets are supplied complete with rated high quality alloy chains and male/female plug in connectors

The CANMAG 230V DC series magnets are available in 28" to 83" diameter sizes. *Copper or Aluminum coils* See our Hydrualic or Diesel drive Magnet Generator options

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