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Clamshell / Log Grabs

Full range of clamshell buckets designed for use on truck mounted cranes, hydraulic excavators, and material handlers. Models available for earth moving, excavation or for the handling of various dry materials.  Attachments available with or without rotator and come in sizes and models that range from 0.04 to 10.45 cubic yard capacity.   

Versatile and application specific attachments like hydraulic log grapples, rail grabs, orange peel grapples and buckets for mobile machinery, trucks, overhead and lattice cranes.  Sizes and capacities for any requirement.

RL series log grapples

The RL Series Log Grapples come in many different designs and sizes to meet different applications. Please browse through our catalogue below to find the model that meets your specific... Show More

RC Series Buckets

excavator bucket attachment
Designed for the movement of earth, sand, gravel, RDF, mud, cereals, coal, fertilizers, industrial and agricultural waste, minerals, etc. All models can be supplied with or without teeth and equipped with hydraulic rotator. The steelwork and cylinders are... Show More