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CSX 2000 cable stripper wire stripper
CSX 2000 cable stripper wire stripper

CSX-2000 Cable Stripper

Product Description

The CSX-2000 - Our heavy duty bench top industrial wire stripping machine

Capacity from 1/16” (1mm) to 4” (100mm) in diameter

Simple and rugged, it’s a real money-maker for scrap operations. A simple hand crank for knife adjustments makes it easy to strip a variety of cable types and sizes. Fast and reliable high quality gearbox and components made from the highest quality parts available. Electric starter with forward/reverse, emergency stop button standard, 2 HP motor, 1 or 3 phase / 220v.

Can pull wire and cable through up to 72 ft./min

Weight: Approx. 115 lbs. (55 kg)