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Demolition & Sorting Grapples

Versatile Waste and Scrap Management

These grapples are intended for recycling, demolition and waste handling applications.
Whether its lose refuse or structural scrap, you will find what you need here.

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DS Contractors Sorting Scrap Grapple

Gensco DS grapples are extremely versatile and can be used for a wide variety of material.  Grapples are designed for waste handling, refuse, loose material, ferrous & non ferrous metals, auto salvage & more.

No... Show More

HG Handling And Sorting Grapple

HG Handling And Sorting Grapple
HG Handling And Sorting Grapple carrying scrap waste

The HG Series has been designed to handle long structural scrap, loose bundles and oddly shaped material. With its rugged construction, huge opening, and completely closed jaws, the HG series is the ideal attachment to load and unload... Show More

RSM Demolition Grapple With Scrap Magnet

demolition grapple with scrap magnet cleaning up a waste site

Gensco offers the RSM (Demolition Sorting Grapple with Scrap Magnet) as one of Gensco's most innovative attachments. This attachment combines the versatility of our RS Demolition Grapple with a durable magnet built in.  With its... Show More

RS Series Sorting Grapples

demolition grapple for sale
demolition grapple sorting demolition and scrap waste

The RS Series Sorting Grapples come in many different designs and sizes to meet different applications. With its flexing versatility and built in hydraulic rotation, this durable attachment has the ability to carefully sort a variety of material.... Show More