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High-Pressure Water Pumps

High Pressure Water from Hydraulics

The Dynaset HPW hydraulic high pressure pump transforms hydraulic power effectively into high pressure power using a small amount of water and requiring no feeding pressure - the most efficient pump on the market.

Hydraulic High Pressure Water Pumps


The Dynaset HPW hydraulic high pressure water pump transforms the hydraulic power of a work machine effectively into high pressure water power. Because of high pressure, the pump gives great water power with a small amount of water. To ease up the use of the pump; pump is self-sucking, requiring no feeding pressure.

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-- Pump Features & Benefits

  • All-in-one compact unit
  • Powerful washing results
  • Optimized water consumption
  • Dust free results
  • Deep cleaning
  • Does not block the users field of view
  • Quick attachments for fast connection without any installation
  • Adjustable washing head to increase the control on the washing direction
  • Includes power washing piston
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