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Hydraulic Cylinders

LUKAS Hydraulic Equipment offers a range of single and double acting hydraulic cylinders for every application. You will find Lukas Hydraulic tools everywhere. Their single acting cylinder range will separate or stabilize heavy construction surfaces as you work. Their double acting hydraulic lift cylinders are often used to stabilize mining equipment, lift bridges and hold ships for repair.



Types of Cylinder Functions and Appropriate Cylinder Types

Lift - Lifting and supporting heavy loads from 5 tons - 1,100 tons

  • Single acting aluminum hydraulic cylinders are a light and fast lifting solution
  • Hardened steel single acting hollow plunger hydraulic cylinder will support high tonnage
  • Hardened steel double acting hollow plunger hydraulic cylinders for precise high tonnage lifting control.

Push - Push loads for testing or demolition

  • Double acting hydraulic cylinders either aluminum or steel
  • Pancake Cylinders for tight fits


Shift - Moving big loads often needed in tunnel and bridge construction

  • Single acting light aluminum or steel cylinders
  • Double acting telescopic long stroke hydraulic cylinders

Press - Apply the exact amount of pressure to sheet metal and other materials for stamping or shaping.

  • Single acting cylinder and double acting cylinder
  • Double acting steel cylinders

Pull - Pull loads together to test tension in labs or to free stuck items

  • Pulling cylinders
  • Single acting hollow piston steel cylinders
  • double acting hollow piston steel cylinders

Hydraulic Cylinders

Cross Section of Hydraulic Cylinder
hydraulic ram separating steel plates

The LUKAS Hydraulic Tools range – hydraulic cylinders made from light aluminum, steel or stainless steel as well as motor pumps and accessories has grown continuously over the years. Whether your lifting, pulling, pushing or traversing, we have the cylinder and accessories for you.

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