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Hydraulic-Driven High-Pressure Water Pumps

The Highest Size to Power Ratio in the Industry

The Dynaset HPW hydraulic high-pressure water pump is powered by the existing hydraulic power of any size vehicle.  With only a small amount of water and requiring no feeding pressure, this is the most powerful compact water pump on the market. Weatherproof, self-priming, self-lubricating, and can run dry without any complications. You will find Dynaset HPW pumps in municipal, subsea, mining, oil rig, and demolition projects around the world.

Hydraulic Driven High Pressure Water Pump


the most powerful compact water pump on the market

Powered by the already-existing hydraulics of your vehicle, no external motor is required which eliminates the need for wearable parts. These are very compact units ranging from 2900 - 17,405 psi. 

Completely weatherproof, these pumps are mounted almost anywhere on your vehicle or machine and require only… Show More

Applications, Features & Benefits

Dust suppression during demolition
Man pressure washing building
Remote Oceanographic Vehicle


  • High-pressure washing
  • Dust control
  • Hydro scaling
  • Property maintenance
  • High-pressure water cutting
  • Fire fighting
  • Water hydraulics
  • Hydraulic fracturing
  • Robotic washers
  • Pressure testing
  • Subsea & Offshore


  • All-in-one compact unit
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