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Hydraulic HMG Magnet Generators

Product Description

For use with hydraulic excavators, we recommend the DYNASET HMG and HMG PRO hydraulic driven magnet power and control system. Sold as a complete package which includes the generating and electronic control system, custom prioroty or load sense oil flow valve system and wire harness kit which includes on/off switch, push button activation, and magnet indication sensor.  NEW HMG PRO option offers the most sophisticated solid state control system on the market.

These reliable, weatherproof generators can be supplied with everything needed to install on any make and model of hydraulic carrier.  No need to add an expensive dedicated pump and auxiliary drive, Gensco can customize any installtion with custom valve packages.  Allowing operators to use multiple hydraulic functions with the magnet generator on.  All generators are supplied with 110V AC sockets, suitable to charge phones, operate computers, lights, and small work tools like a drill or grinder.

System Features:
• Excellent lifting power
• Fast, Durable and Safe - Quick pick up & demag cycle
• Electricity for external devices & work tools
• Compact design and size

Gensco can provide complete installation services for any DYNASET  hydraulic system or valve package - please contact us for details. See this product in action! Click here for HMG manuals Installation Video