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An Ideal Solution for Any Demolition, Excavation or Construction Project

How do you eliminate crushed material dumpsite fees and reduce transportation, man-power and equipment costs during excavation or demolition of rock, brick, concrete or concrete with rebar? 


The CFB bucket crusher is an ideal solution for any demolition or construction project. It is a high performance crusher bucket attachment that will provide on site crushing and screening.

Reliability comes first when pulverizing concrete or crushing rock and brick. Some of the features of the CBF Bucket Crusher Series are:

  • An easy-to-handle bucket crusher that is manufactured with HARDOX. This material guarantees crush resistance while offering superior wear and minimal maintenance.
  • Crushing plates that are made of 18% manganese cast.
  • Added protection by placing the hinged mechanism and hydraulic bucket cylinders inside the bucket body.

These heavy duty rock crusher buckets (also known as jaw crusher buckets) can process up to 80 cubic yards or 110 tons per hour.

This is a versatile crusher attachment that is suitable for most sizes of excavators, skid loaders, telescopic handlers, and backhoe. You also have a choice between smooth or toothed blades for ground breaking work.


crusher bucket crushing rock at demolition site
crusher bucket crushing rock at demolition site
crusher bucket crushing rock at demolition site
crusher bucket crushing rock at demolition site

Crusher Buckets are the ideal solution for any demolition company due to the immediate on-site crushing of inert materials and the reuse of the waste material on site - eliminating your disposal fees. 
The CBF Series performs perfectly in extreme working conditions like quarries and pits. This type of bucket is the best solution for small or medium size work sites thanks to its... Show More