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Magnet Generators and Accessories

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A complete selection of scrap magnets accessories. Gensco Diesel Driven Systems and Dynaset Hydraulic DC Generators, controls, rectifiers, reels, magnet cable, and more.  Gensco provides complete systems and know how offering the worlds most durable, electronic controlled generating systems. Gensco also supplies superior valve packages for all hydraulic systems and pump types.  Durable, weather resistant, maintenance free design for continuous operation.

Hydraulic HMG Magnet Generators

For use with hydraulic excavators, we recommend the DYNASET HMG and HMG PRO hydraulic-driven magnet power and control system. Sold as a complete package that includes the generating and electronic control system, custom priority or load sense oil flow valve system and wire harness kit which includes on/off switch, push button activation, and magnet indication sensor.NEW HMG PRO … Show More

Gensco Diesel Drive Magnet Systems

GENSCO manufactures the most compact, maintenance friendly and reliable PTO generating system on the market. This economical magnet generating system delivers 230V DC power to any scrap magnet and is offered in a variety of custom sizes.  Powered by the industry leading Kubota Industrial diesel engine, the system is supplied fully assembled and ready for installation on your machine.

We buil… Show More

Scrap or Mill Magnet Accessories

CDS, MC-1, MC-1.5, MC-2A and RD-3A Magnet Controllers

Magnet Accessories

Gensco stocks all the components necessary to belt drive or replace your current DC system.

Accessories include:
GENERATORS: AC or DC Magnet Generators for 230V DC supply
RECTIFIERS: Complete AC to DC control systems, designated purpose, constant voltag… Show More