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Manual Handtools

A full range of manual "lever" style rebar shears and benders. Combination shear / bender models. Bolt cutters, Rebar tiers and more.

Gensco Heavy Duty Bolt Cutters

4 models available -- can cut up to 1/2" rebar
Superjoint bolt cutter 480 - 19" (480mm)
4 lbs/1.8 kgs
Superjoint bolt cutter 650- 26"... Show More

Gensco manual rebar shear

Manual lever action shear for cutting high tensile steel bars and other materials
Models have capacities from 1/2"/12mm (#4 or 1/2" rebar) - 1-1/4"/32mm... Show More

Gensco combination rebar bender & cutter

Model 22-RC16B: Capacity: 5/8" steel (12mm)
Approx. length: 50" (1320mm)
Approx. weight: 31 lbs (14kgs)
... Show More

Gensco manual benders

#20681 - Maximum 3/4 inch or 20mm diameter rod
center roll diameter of 1-1/2 inch or 40mm

#20670 - Split... Show More