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Mobile Shears & Demo Attachments

The mobile attachment you've always wanted

The heaviest duty hydraulic attachments for all Scrap and Demolition processing. ZATO Scrap mobile shears and Concrete Pulverizers. A wide range of models to suit all your processing needs!

Gensco Mini Scrap & Demolition Shear

Gensco offers mini mobile attachments for concrete crushing, scrap and demolition shears and specialty grapples. Designed with small hydraulic machines... Show More

Gensco Mini Crusher & Pulverizer

Gensco offers mini mobile attachments for concrete crushing, scrap and demolition shears and specialty grapples. Designed with small hydraulic machines in mind.  Suitible for concrete crushing,... Show More

ZATO CAYMAN II Scrap & Demolition Shear

The NEW CAYMAN II SHEARS represent a new standard in mobile shear attachments. The ZATO engineering teams aim was not simply to develop an all purpose scrap shear, or to match those already in the market. delivers increased power and... Show More

CG Multi-Function Demolition Grapple

Demolition Grapple
Demolition Grapple breaking concrete

The Robi CG is multifunctional crusher grapple that has been designed for heavy demolition and recycling applications. The intrinsic design enables the operator to cover three different applications with one attachment - crushing, pulverizing and... Show More

Gensco TC-120 Tank Cutter

TC-120 Tank Cutter
TC-120 Tank Cutter cutting scrap tank for recycling

Cut steel tanks and plates up to 5/8" (15 mm) in thickness safely with the newly developed machine-guided TC120 Tank Cutter. Increase your productivity and cut coated tanks even with residual content finally... Show More

Gensco Dynaset Dust Suppression System

Dynaset Dust Suppression System spraying from a grapple at a demolition site
Dynaset Dust Suppression System spraying from a grab at a demolition site
Dynaset Dust Suppression System spraying from a shear attachment at a demolition site

Using dust suppression at demolition, crushing etc. work sites greatly enhances work efficiency and safety. It makes the air notably clearer, and results in better visibility and safer breathing – even the taste and smell of dust are... Show More

Gensco Hydraulic Priority Oil Flow Valve Kits

Gensco's Dynaset PV SAE priority and load sense valves are specifically designed to be installed to almost any hydraulic system. This reliable oil flow valve kit enables operation of any hydraulic powered accessory simultaneously with other... Show More