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MU16 Bolt & Mesh - Utility Cutter

Product Description

Gensco offers the MU 16 cutting tool
Suitable for cutting steel bolts, mesh, bar, rod …
Self contained hydraulics. No pump required
Capacity: 5/8"  or approx 16 mm (mild steel)
Blades have three rotatable cutting edges
Cutting force: 28000 lbs (14 tons)
Pressure: 8120 psi (560 BAR)
360 degree head rotation
Unit weight approx 20 lbs (8.6kgs)
Dimensions: (490x395x135mm)
Comes with carry case, *Battery tool comes with Dewalt Battery and charger, carry strap*
*18V Dewalt Battery Powered* or 110 volt Single Phase option See this product in action!