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Non-Ferrous Shredders

Environmentally compatible & economical approaches for effectively processing, disposing and recycling a variety of materials. Want to shred cable and wire, textiles & wood? No problem with our Single Shaft Shredding machines.  High speed Raspers and Vertical Milling Machines for heavy gauge cables and motor meatballs.  Granulators and multi-shaft shredders...

Vision Behemoth Single Shaft Shredders

The VISION and BEHEMOTH Series of Shredders are small to medium size reduction machines suitable for processing a wide range of materials to a uniform particle size. The products can often be sold as is, or with additional processing and down stream equipment. Throughputs typically range between 650lb/hr - 11,000lb/hr+ depending on the model, material type and application:
Plastics - Mouldings, Purgin… Show More

Mino Series Two/Four Shaft Shredders

The slow speed, high torque operation minimizes noise and power consumption whilst achieving high throughput rates. These machines are particularly well suited for the size reduction of bulky or voluminous materials which could include contamination such as metal or stones.  Can be offered with pushing rams for bulky light material or rotating sorting screens to provide uniform shred and recirc… Show More

OZMA Vertical Hammer Shredders

The OZMA Vertical Hammer style shredders are mainly applied in applications where further processing is required from pre-shredded metal scrap from a slow speed, high torque two shaft shredding system.  These machines aggressively size reduce and densify pre-shredded material whilst liberating the various different fractions and allow for better downstream separation and reduc… Show More

Synth Series Raspers

The Synth Raspers are advanced, heavy duty size reducers combining the benefits of both granulators and single shaft shredders in one unit. These machines operate at medium speed with high torque. This in turn results in minimum levels of fines and also uniform product size. The machines are suitable for plastics processing and more commonly rubber products where there is metal contamination i.e. tires. … Show More

Xeno Series Two Shaft Shredders

The XENO series twin shaft shredders are extreme high torque, high throughput shear type size reduction machines often used for pre-shredding large volume or high strength materials which may contain contamination.  The unique modular split chamber design, provides excellent access to key components therefore reducing maintenance downtime and service costs which is a huge advantage when comparing machi… Show More

King Kong Single Shaft Shredder

The KING KONG Series of Shredders are heavy duty size reduction machines suitable for processing a wide range of materials.  These shredders are ideal for the size reduction of flexible and/or medium hardness hollow products, loose bales, PE film, woven bags and more. The fast acting, PLC controlled swing pusher automatically forces material to the rotor according to motor amp loads which maximizes … Show More