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Pneumatic Mesh & Bar Cutting Tool

A complete series of pneumatic cutters for Rebar, Mesh, Pre-Stress and Steel Bolts. Special long reach versions also available for upright cutting or reaching into forms.


The Rapidcut pneumatic cutters by Proyecsa offer a fast, clean cut with an absolute minimum operator effort. Perfect for cutting wire and rod, wire mesh, strand, and rebar. Three standard models, each available with various blade configurations, plus long and short versions. Long handle versions reduce operator bending and are easy on the wrist, minimizing the risk of injury. The most durable pneumatic wire, bolt and bar cutter on the market!

Short and Long neck configurations in each series...Center Cut and Flush Cut blade options, special hardended blades for a variety of material...

Rapidcut 6 series with cap. to 6mm / 1/4" mild steel
Rapidcut 8 series with cap. to 8mm / 5/16" mild steel
Rapidcut 10 series with cap. to 10mm / 3/8" mild steel
Rapidcut 12 series with cap. to 12mm / 1/2" mild steel
Rapidcut 12HD series with cap. to 12mm / 1/2" Pre-Stress strand
Rapidcut 16 series with cap. to 16mm / 5/8" Pre-Stress strand