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Production Rotary Table Benders

Put together a machine exactly how you need it. Heavy duty production benders and spiral radius machines with many outstanding features and options: Digital control panel, electronic pre-set with auto sequencing. Single or variable speed, two or four adjustable retaining rails and more.

PF-S Series

Heavy Duty Production Rotary Benders

PF-S Series
(PF44-S, PF48-S, PF55-S, PF62-S models)

PF44-S - Cap. to #8 – 1” – 25M Rebar

PF48-S - Cap. to #10 – 1-1/4” – 30M Rebar
PF55-S - Cap. to #11 – 1-3/8” – 35M Rebar
PF62-S - Cap. to #14 – 1-5/8” – 45M Rebar

Up to 7.5 HP, 3 phase electrics required

The PF-S machines are our top of the line heavy duty production benders with many excellent features, including:

Choice of 2 or 4 full length adjustable rails. Four rails suitable for double bending
Optional variable speed control with no mechanical brake. Vary the speed with the job

Choice of control systems: Single Angle Pin Control, 9 x 9 Digital Control Panel, or 10/50 Digital Control Panel. Either digital panel can be turned off at any time with machine reverting to a single angle pre-set 'pin' system.

Dual foot pedal controls
Large diameter rollers to 300 mm for all bar sizes
Stirrup toolset
Heavy duty bending bracket with replaceable wear plate (see photo)
End rollers on the table top
Optional attachment for spirals and hoops.
Stand and bend in any direction and from any position. Front or back with the full length adjustable rails. Clear table top.

PF-N Series

Heavy Duty Rotary Style

PF36-N, PF44-N, PF48-N
PF36-N - Cap. to #8 – 1” – 25M Rebar

PF44-N - Cap. to #10 – 1-1/4” – 30M Rebar
PF48-N - Cap. to #10 – 1-1/4” – 30M Rebar with 4 HP Motor

Available in 1 or 3 phase electrics.

Our popular mid-range series of benders with a number of improved features and increased capacity.

Features include:

Dual (half length) adjustable rails for precise setting of bars and angle correction
Optional variable speed control
Upgraded components and tooling
Optional single phase electrics on the PF32-N
Optional spiral / hoop attachments

A choice of control systems: Single Angle Pin Control, 9 x 9 Digital Control Panel, or 10/50 Digital Control Panel. Either digital panel can be turned off at any time with machine reverting to a single angle pre-set system.
Benders include toolset for stirrups, pins and rolls, and foot pedal control.

LRB Series

Heavy Duty Production Rotary Benders

LRB Series
(LRB32, LRB40, LRB50, LRB70)

LRB-32 - Cap. to #8 – 1” – 25M Rebar
LRB-40 - Cap. to #10 – 1-1/4” – 30M Rebar
LRB-50 - Cap. to #11 – 1-3/8” – 35M Rebar
LRB-70 - Cap. to #14 – 1-5/8” – 45M Rebar

3 phase electrics required

Our LRB series of benders are heavy duty reliable machines with excellent capacities, suitable for all levels of production. All models feature a powerfully built gear box and dual full length adjustable rails for hold back pins. A single angle pre-set and single speed machine with a basic control system. 

Available options: Spiral radius attachment, Digital control panel: (Memory for bar shapes, automatic sequencing of bends in CW or CCW rotation, 99 bar shapes each up to 10 angles, bar counter, digital angle entry with +/- angle adjustment)

K & L Series Benders

rebar bender

Bend Around a Fixed Central Pin

Capacities: L Series: #11 - 1-3/8” - 35M
                    K Series: #14 - 1-11/16" - 45M 

Fixed pin bending for constant bending accuracy
Single of dual direction bending
Dual speed control
Includes Easy Angle Controler - sequence preprogrammed shapes, add your own shapes, and adjust the angles +/- 9° without changing the set values.

Thanks to the special patented bending system the L and K Series Benders employ a fixed central pin guaranteeing the rods are neither dragged nor ribbed during bending. This ensures high precision and constant accurancy in bar bending - unmatched by nearly all other machines. These machines are dualy recognized for their exceptional strength, proven durability, ease of use and simple maintenance.

P Series

Light Industrial Rotary Bender

Capacity: #8 – 1”– 25 M Rebar  
Single Speed: 10 RPM  
2HP, 220 volt, 3 phase electrics (or as required)

The P series is our entry level production bender, Full CW and CCW bending, with much heavier components and tooling. Comes with stirrup toolset, a full set of pins and rollers, and electric foot pedal. Easy angle setting through pin placement.

Available options:
Spiral radius attachment, variable speed control (9-18 RPM), and 9 x 9 Controller: Angles are set by pin placement. Up to 9 pins can be placed around the turntable. Operator sets the order of stops/angles on the control panel and the machine automatically sequences from bend to bend as pre-set.

PFT Series

Rotary Table Bender w/ SHEAR

PFT 32/26 & 38/30
Capacity: Cuts and Bends
PFT 32/26 up to #6 – 3/4” – 20M Rebar
PFT 38/30 up to #8 – 1” – 25M Rebar

Up to 2.5 HP Electric Motor
Available with 1 (230V) or 3 phase electrics 
Toggle switch for Cutting or Bending.

9 x 9  Controller: 
Angles are set by pin placement.  Up to 9 pins can be placed around the turntable.  Operator sets the order of stops/angles on the control panel and the machine automatically sequences from bend to bend as pre-set. Fine tuning dial for angle adjustment - Single Speed: 9 RPM standard
Cast steel cutting head, safety cover over cutting area with interlock switch. Full set of pins and rolls for standard bending and special stirrup toolset, Foot pedal control
Available options:
Spiral radius attachement, variable speed control (9 - 18 RPM)



Capacity: #6 - 20M - 3/4" high tensile rebar

2 HP, 115 volts single phase, 30 amps

3 Adjustable Bend Rollers, Special Center Roller

Speed: Approx. 30 RPM

Minimum bend diameter: Approx. 6" (depending on bar size)

Unlimited maximum.
Adjustable plate for pitch height of spirals.
Weight: approx 485 lbs

CAL34 Spiral and Radius Bender

Capacity to #8 / 1"

The CAL34 Spiral machine can produce rings and spirals with steel bars to #8 / 1" / 25M  diameter, with adjustable radius from a minimum of about 7" and unlimited maximum. The rollers are made of heat-treated alloy steel. The machine can also work either in vertical or horizontal position and can operate in 2 speeds  8 and 16 RPM

Technical Data:
Capacity to #8 / 1" / 25M Rebar
Min. dia:  approx 7" depending on bar size, unlimited maximum ring. Manual adjustment of center roll determines finished ring diameter
Electrics: 5 HP, 3 phase required. Speed: 8/16 RPM
Dual drive rollers in hardened steel
Dual foot pedal controls
Supplied with safety guard with electric interlock
Input roller aids in feeding bending rolls at correct height
Adjustable pitch height for spirals, with locking handle
Supplied with wheels for portability
Machine weight:  approx 780 lbs / 350 kgs


c/w Alligator or Guillotine Shears

Gensco can offer the following Shearline equipment. If you do not see a product here, please call or e-mail us, because we can fabricate any type of conveyor you are looking for.



CONTROL: Manual or Powered
SHEARS: Gensco can supply any kind of rebar conveyor equipment you need, from standard sizes to custom lengths, and from complete lines down to individual components. Custom-made rebar equipment designed and built to customer needs.

Portable Combination Rebar machines

Diesel and Gas models available

Gensco offers a great line up of portable "tow behind" diesel or gas driven rebar machines. Machines come complete with bending and shearing capability, single or multiple bars. 

With capacity up to #11 - (35M) 1-3/8", these machines come complete with easy operator controls, tow bar assembly,  rear tail lights, and more...

Available options include dual operator controls, spiral/radius attachments, extra tooling and formers, high quality liquid cooled diesel or gas engines, etc.

Gensco can build the machine exactly how you like it!

Spiral - 88 Horizontal & Vertical



The machine can work:
from coil up to 12mm (#3) in vertical
position & horizontal position.

Horizontal position cap: #2 to #10 (10M-30M) 
Vertical position cap:
#2 to #6 (10M-20M) 
Equipped with hydraulic release device, allowing to make partial hoops

Min. dia. of rings and spirals: 8"/10" (200/250mm)

Max. dia: no limit

Equipped with two hydraulic reduction units with 3HP motors
The release device is controlled by a hydraulic power

unit with 2HP motor. Two speed selector
Feed speed: 60-65ft' per minute

Overall dimensions: 41" x 55"x 48"
Weight: 1000 lbs

*The stand with rollers is an option