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Rail Recycling

Move, Handle, Cut Scrap Rail, Beams, Ties & Spikes

Material Handling Scrap Magnets, Fully Automatic or Mobile High Strength Rail Breakers for recycling scrap rail.

KAJRB Stationary Rail Breaker

rail breaker
rail breaker
rail breaker

Unlike any product on the market the KAJRB is specifically designed to cut high tensile strength rail quickly and efficiently with precision. Designed for all current Vignol rails up to 136RE*, profile, size S7* to UIC 60 / 60 UNI.  The KAJRB features... Show More

CANMAG Light Duty 12/24V DC Scrap Magnets

CANMAG Light Duty 12/24V DC Scrap Handling Magnets
The CANMAG "Light Duty" EC & MRS Magnet Series are manufactured with a heavy-duty fabricated steel shell, Manganese steel bottom plate for extra protection. Fully... Show More

CANMAG 230V DC Scrap Yard Magnets

CANMAG Heavy Duty 230V DC Scrap Handling Magnets
The CANMAG Scrap Magnet Series are incredibly robust heavy duty deep field handling magnets manufactured with a cast steel shell, manganese steel bottom plate and ribbing for extra... Show More

Gensco Hydraulic HMG Magnet Generators

For use with hydraulic excavators Gensco recommends the DYNASET HMG and HMG PRO hydraulic driven magnet power and control system. Sold as a complete package which includes the generating and electronic control system, custom prioroty or load... Show More