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Rotary Shear & Hammer Mill Shredders

Founded in 1998, Zato designs and manufactures machinery and systems for processing and recycling scrap metal: Twin-Shaft Shear type Shredders & Hammermill Shredders for Ferrous and Non-Ferrous processing. Zato offers planning, engineering, design and manufacturing of customised plants and separation systems to meet any requirement. Also supplying parts and components for any aftermarket system. Zato systems can be found operating worldwide in almost every continent.


Hammermill Shredder with Downstream

The Blue Shark HP series hammer mills are the ideal solution for the transformation of medium-heavy ferrous scrap into high-quality melt. The solutions available are based on diesel or electric motors from 800 to 4000 hp. The innovative loading technology, by way of automatic hydraulic pushers, maximise the performance of the machine ensuring extreme compactness, high efficiency and significant savings in management and maintenance costs and, above all, consistency in the amount of material introduced into the crushing chamber, thus constant production. 

A single operator equipped with a remote control and seated in the loader cabin can manage the material loading operations as well as the entire HP system.

All Blue Shark Series mills are equipped with drainable hydraulic couplings made by Zato in its production plant.  A full downstream system including dust collecton is also avaialble and custom suited as per the customers needs.


Rotary Shear Type Metal Shredder

The greatest advantage of using the Blue Devil is the increased value of the material destined for steel plants and mills. Since the material is loose and has been shred rather small, it can be handled faster, can be easily inspected for foreign or dangerous material (as opposed to bales or sheared material which is piled up or where dangerous items can be inconspicuous or hidden). Furthermore, pre-shred material can carry greater weight than that of baled material.  The size of the loose shred material is very small and the density is very high (approx 50-55 lbs/cu. ft), this can allow steel plants to decrease melting costs (2 or 3 fewer loads/day).

Placed in front of a hammermill shredder, the Blue Devil can also be used as a pre-grinder:  Materials destined for the hammermill shredder like Al./Fe bales, cars, crushed cars, briquettes or bulk scrap metal are subjected to rough shearing, so that once introduced into the hammermill, the latter works effortlessly. Increasing the hammermill shredders hourly production rate (by about 30-40%) and lowering operating/electricity costs. In addition, pre-grinding the material also protects the hammers and mill chamber as an initial screening of the material occurs: the risk of introducing material that is dangerous and can’t be shred by the hammermill can be eliminated by the safety mechanism of the Blue Devil.  Overall, the wear on all the components is significantly reduced.