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Specialty Recycling Machinery

Speciality scrap recycling and processing equipment to meet the ever growing needs of Recyclers and Demolition Processors everywhere.  These include Car and Truck Rim Crushers, Rotary Shears and Shredders, Rail Shears, Magnetic separation and more...

Car and Truck Rim Crusher

Three ram wheel crusher
Rim Crusher Crushing a Wheel
Side view of wheel crusher

WC500 and TRC460 - portable or stationary Rim Crushers suitable for salvage, landfill operators, and tire recyclers.  

Wheel Crushing Capacity

  • 30"


  • AR-400 crushing beams with exclusive wear pad design and industry leading durability
  • Mounted on a heavy duty trailer with wheel guards, bal… Show More


TC-300 Rim Crusher
TC-300 Rim Crusher Crushing a Wheel
Wheel Crushed by TC-300 Wheel Crusher

THE TC-300 RIM CRUSHER - designed to crush car and light truck wheels for easy separation of tires from rusted wheels.

Wheel Crushing Capacity:

  • 19" 


  • Made in the USA
  • Crushes up 120 wheels/hr
  • Equipped with towing
  • Single crush stroke for quick and easy processing
  • Two-ha… Show More

GENSCO Wood Press Briquetter

Briquetting Press for Recycling Wood Chips and Shavings

Our hydraulic wood pressing machine is intended for small-large size carpentries and industrial companies to recycle wood chips and grinded chips with min.-max. 8-17% moisture content, transforming them into cylindrical briquettes of variable diameter (according to the press)

The briquettes are pressed with no addition of a… Show More

Gensco Metal Press Briquetter

Metal Briquetting Press for TURNINGS

Steel, Aluminum, Wood Swarf and scrap turnings from mechanical machining production can be recycled into cylindrical… Show More