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opening to cable stripper showing the adjustable blade
Stand Alone Industrial Yellow Cable Stripping Machine

Super Stripper CSX-170

Product Description

Model CSX-170 - Capacity: 1/8” to 3”

The CSX-170 cable stripping machine is a versatile machine, that is and capable of stripping a wide range of cable with ease.

This machine can strip most, if not all, cables from 1/8" (3mm) up to 3" (75mm) in diameter. This includes; Tech, Steel Wired Armor (SWA), Al & Cu Quadrant, greasy paper, lead, XLPE, PVC, B/X, and nylon. It is a fantastic machine and requires one easy adjustment for the various sizes of cable you want to strip. Comes complete with a sorting table for fast, simple and effective sorting and stripping of processed cables.


Speed: approx. 90 feet (27 M)/min

Equipped with 4HP motor and gearbox

Oversize feed rollers with teeth, quenched & tempered & designed for intensive work with steel armored cables. 

Supplied with emergency safety braking system, guards, working table & full adjustments for cable size. Supplied with electrical starting panel with overload protection, forward and reverse controls.

3 phase, 60 Hz (voltage to be specified)

Weight: Approx. 1320 lb. / 600 kg

Watch CSX 170 Recover Copper from a Large Range of Wire Watch the CSX 170 Recover Copper from Armored Cable