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Samples of Thick industrial Armored and Insulated Cable
Large yellow industrial cable stripping machine

Super Stripper CSX-600

Product Description

Model CSX-600 - Capacity: 2” to 6”

The CSX-600 cable stripping machine is a very rugged, robust and durable machine built for the toughest of working environments. Its can strip just about all cable from 2" - 6" (50mm - 150mm) in diameter. 

The CSX-300 is built with a sorting table at the exit chute to save you from having to pick cable up from the floor. The sorting table makes it simple, easy and fast to process all the cable you want to recycle. 

This machine is designed to strip Steel Wired Armor (SWA) & Steel Tape, PVC, Lead, Monel(REDA), Nylon covered cables and more. *Optional Chopping Blade for SWA or DSWA cable*


Speed: approx. 20 feet (6 M) / min

Equipped with 7.5 HP motor and gearbox

Oversize feed rollers with teeth that are quenched, tempered & designed for intensive work with steel armored cables.

Supplied with emergency safety braking system, guards, working table & full adjustments for cable size. The electrical starting panel has overload protection, forward and reverse controls.

3 phase, 60 Hz (voltage to be specified)

Weight: Approx. 4000 lb. / 1800 kg

Watch CSX-600 Strip Heavy Insulated and Armored Utility Cable