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Telescopic Dipper Arm for Deep Excavation

A selection of excavator Teledipper arms with hydraulic Clamshell Bucket or Grapple have been developed for common projects which include:

Foundation work
Narrow excavation shafts
Metro station
Underground parking and renovation and canal clearance
Deep excavation projects for contractors, shoring
Construction companies that use braced excavation
Diaphragm walls

Whether it be above ground, underground or underwater, these custom telescopic dipper arms can reach down to 140 foot depths at 90-degrees with a rotating hydraulic attachment on a suitably sized excavator.

Teledipper Excavator Arm Attachments

orange excavator with long telescopic teledipper arm attached to it
cat excavator digging deep pit using telidipper telescopic arm attachment

TELEDIPPER EXCAVATOR ARMS with HYDRAULIC CLAMSHELL BUCKET or GRAPPLE.  As an alternative to using standard long reach arms with clamshells or extensions we can also offer a special attachment for your excavator that allows for deep excavation below grade.  The telescopic teledipper arm could be ideal for your application. 

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Deep Excavation Projects & Literature

orange excavator with long telescopic teledipper arm attached to it doing very deep excavation work
view of telidipper telescopic excavator attachment from bottom of deep pit
kumatsu excavator doing deep excavation using teledipper telescopic arm with clamshell

Featuring a unique and durable gravity fed and hydraulic cylinder fuctionality with multi section telescopic arm, this advanced attachment creates greater digging and earth removal power for increased production and performance. 

In complex excavation projects, underground and or underwater, braced excavations with a diaphragm wall, the compact construction of the Teledipper telescopic arm i… Show More