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Used Scrap & Demolition Equipment

Used Scrap & Demolition Equipment

Gensco offers high quality rebuilt and used scrap processing and demolition equipment for sale. On our used scrap and demolition equipment page you will find a variety of equipment that is constantly being updated. Items that we typically stock include:

  • Excavator Attachments of all kinds including Mini Excavator Attachments and Skid Steer Attachments
  • A variety of balers that include Scrap Metal Balers, Car Balers, as well as Non-Ferrous Balers.
  • Alligator Shears and Guillotine Shears including Canton, Gensco Hydraulic Scrap Metal Shears, Constellation and more.
  • Hydraulic Generators
  • Excavator Shears
  • Grapple Attachments such as Rock Grabs, Log Grapples, Material Handling, Orange Peel Grabs and Scrap Grapples to name a few.
  • Automatic Wire Stripping Machines and Wire Recycling Machines for aluminum and copper recovery
  • Handheld Hydraulic Cutting tools including Wire Cable Cutters, Steel Wire and Stainless-Steel Pipe Cutters and more
  • Metal Shredders from Mini Shredders to Auto Shredders.
  • Scrap Magnets
  • Demolition Shears
  • Non-Ferrous Shredders and all types of scrap handling and demolition equipment.

If you don't find what you need, call us with your requirements. We will inform you when the equipment you are looking for is in stock.

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Used Rebar Processing Equipment

Used Rebar Processing Equipment

Gensco offers high quality rebuilt and/or used Rebar processing and fabrication equipment and attachments.  Stationary Mechanical or Hydraulic Shears, Bar Processing Systems, Bending and Cutting machinery including portable hand tools.  Mechanical and Hydraulic powered Shearlines.

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