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Dust Control in Demolition with HPW High Pressure Dust Suppression System

Gensco delivers the Dynaset HPW High-Pressure Dust Suppression System. This powerful dust control system is powered by the hydraulics of an excavator. HPW is easily mounted virtually anywhere an excavator and is always aboard and ready to be used. No extra engines are required. Special nozzles are targeted right where the dust is emitting. High-pressure water mist suppresses the dust with incredible efficiency.

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Gensco Car/Scrap Metal Baler

Gensco's compact Portable or Stationary BALER and LOGGING machines for scrap metal with optional cabin, loading crane, scrap grapple and automatic ejection door. Folding Wing Technology - Strong and Fast, built with high quality components for processing all types of scrap metal. Perfect for small to mid-size scrap yards, MRF or transfer stations. Metal / Automotive bodies / Stainless / HMS #1 & 2 / Light Iron and more... •Cummins Diesel Engine •Full Functioning Crane with rotating scrap grapple •Automatic Baling and Logging Cycles •Remote control •Prepared for Roll-off or Flatbed •Baling: up to 16 Tons per hour •Logging: up to 22 Tons per hour •Automobile Logging: up to 28 Tons per hour

Discover Gensco's Car/Scrap Metal Baler

Learn differences between a piston, rotary vane, and screw air compressors!

Choosing the right air compressor can be challenging. This video will explain the advantages of using a Hydraulic Air Compressor over diesel or electric compressors. You will see how hydraulic driven compressors have one major advantage. They are very compact, so they can easily be truck or vehicle mounted. They are powered by the existing hydraulic power of or your machine so no additional power source is needed. Despite being small, they offer the extraordinary and reliable continuous power that can match or outperform traditional diesel or electric air compressors. Find out more about our piston, rotary vane and hydraulic screw air compressor options to meet your cfm/psi requirements.

How to Cut Railroad Track

KAJRB STATIONARY RAIL BREAKER proves itself to be unlike any rail cutter on the market. Designed for all current Vignol rails up to 136RE*, profile, size S7* to UIC 60 / 60 UNI, this railbreaker is fast, precise and efficient.

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Hydraulic Welder Generator 6,5 kVA on Manitou Platforms

HG is extremely compact and therefore it can be installed on platform lifts. Since the hydraulic generator is powered by hydraulics, it is always aboard and ready to be used. Environmentally friendly HG doesn't require any secondary engine to operate. Dynaset is familiar with different hydraulic systems and has experience of installations on various type of platform lifts and other mobile machines. For more information go to

Telescopic Teledipper Excavation Digging Arm with Grapple Bucket

Gensco has partnered with First Square in the UK offering a unique excavator Teledipper arm with hydraulic Clamshell Bucket or Grapple. Developed for projects which include: foundation work, excavation shafts, metro stations, underground parking, renovation and canal clearance.  Deep excavation for contractors, shoring and construction companies that use braced excavation and diaphragm walls as well. Whether it be above, underground or underwater, these custom telescopic excavator attachments can reach down to 140 foot depths at 90-degrees on a suitably sized excavator.  The 30m teledipper digging arm in this video can be used on a 35t excavator with a 1.5 cubic metre (Cm) bucket. This Tele arm is also designed to be strong enough to be used on a 50t excavator with a 2.2 Cm or 2.6Cm bucket.  All major parts of the operating mechanism are externally mounted including LED lights and a full colour monitor for the operator to see the attachment.


suitable for machines weighing 6 to 120 tons The NEW CAYMAN II SHEARS

represent a new standard in mobile shear attachments. The ZATO engineering teams aim was not simply to develop an all purpose scrap shear, or to match those already in the market. delivers increased power and performance leading to an increase in reliability, operating time and cost savings. All results the market expects from a mobile scrap and demolition shear. With a new range of models, Zato mobile shears mount to a carriers second or third member position with a special design for material handlers Highlights include: • Weight to cutting power ratio, Increased jaw Apex • Regen valve improves cycle time by up to 35% • Indexable cutting blades, tapped and threaded for easy removal • Enclosed Piercing tips, designed to increase performance and discharge heat • Shrouded robust pivot design with spherical ball joint • Dual adjustment clutch on the moving jaw provides the ultimate stability and alignment providing an increase to cutting power • Corrosion resistant finishing and waterproof design


DYNASET HG Hydraulic Generator converts the hydraulic power of machines and vehicles into electricity for mobile use. In addition to sixteen standard models (3,5 - 70 kVA), Dynaset manufactures special hydraulic generators in the power range of 70 - 350 kVA. There is enclosure protection IP54 models available (also standard models). Customers may choose the hydraulic generator's frequency level between 50 Hz or 60 Hz. DYNASET HG Hydraulic Generator is used in worksites for multiple purposes, for example, generate power for electric tools, lights, welding, pumps, angle grinders, concrete mixers, cooling, heating etc. The hydraulic generator can be installed on hydraulic systems of excavators, platform lifts, vans, trucks, loaders, ships, boats, tractors, backhoes, dumpers, cranes, and almost all mobile machinery. It doesn't really matter which machine brand one has because Dynaset HG Hydraulic Generator is suitable all machine and vehicle brands such as Liebherr, Caterpillar, JCB, Doosan, Komatsu, Kobelco, Hitachi, XCMG, Zoomlion, Volvo, Mercedes, Ford, Chevrolet, Volkswagen, Toyota, Iveco, Fiat, Renault, Man, Mack, Kenworth, Genie, Haulotte, Manitou, JLG, John Deere, Valtra, New Holland, Fendt. Easy installation is guaranteed due to the generator's compact size and lightweight. The hydraulic generator is approximately 60 percent smaller than a diesel generator. The size difference varies a little bit between models but for clarification, one might say that the higher the output power, the bigger the difference is in size and weight for the advantage of a hydraulic generator. Dynaset Hydraulic Generator can be installed in compartments, on bodies or other space by customer preference.

What is Hydraulic Power Take Off or Truck/Vehicle Mounted PTO

This video 'How to Equip Service Vehicles' will give an insight into how equipping a service vehicle with hydraulic equipment will benefit your work.

GENSCO MetalPress Steel Turnings Briquette Puck Machine

Volume Reduction including reduction of handling and shipping costs. Eco friendly design with a small footprint. Recovery of Transmission and Cutting oil. Can be offered with material handling conveyors and pump systems for oil recovery. Production capabilities from 100 - 2000 lbs per hour.


Take a look at our PF-S, PF-N, PF-T REBAR BENDERS, AND C-SERIES SHEARS. A heavy-duty selection of rebar benders and shears with a wide range of accessories for all applications and production volumes.

ISQ End-of-Life Vehicle Depollution System


Remove and separate fluids, fuels, and oils, that can be sent for waste collection or reused, from end-of-life vehicles. These are self-contained and compact systems for working spaces as small as 100 sq/ ft. Designed to remove, separate, record, and store fluids according to US & Canadian standards without slowing down production. The simplicity, ease of use, and innovation is unmatched by any other depollution equipment in the market. Gensco's automotive depollution systems are pneumatically powered for low maintenance, safety, and reliability in any work site.

Drains the following fluids at 50L/Min or 14 GPM: 

  • Engine oil 
  • Shock absorber oil
  • Radiator's Water
  • Differential/Transmission oil
  • Diesel & Gas
  • Windshield Washer fluid

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