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suitable for machines weighing 6 to 120 tons The NEW CAYMAN II SHEARS represent a new standard in mobile shear attachments. The ZATO engineering teams aim was not simply to develop an all purpose scrap shear, or to match those already in the market. delivers increased power and performance leading to an increase in reliability, operating time and cost savings. All results the market expects from a mobile scrap and demolition shear. With a new range of models, Zato mobile shears mount to a carriers second or third member position with a special design for material handlers Highlights include: • Weight to cutting power ratio, Increased jaw Apex • Regen valve improves cycle time by up to 35% • Indexable cutting blades, tapped and threaded for easy removal • Enclosed Piercing tips, designed to increase performance and discharge heat • Shrouded robust pivot design with spherical ball joint • Dual adjustment clutch on the moving jaw provides the ultimate stability and alignment providing an increase to cutting power • Corrosion resistant finishing and waterproof design

Zato Blue Devil Twin Shaft Shear Car and Metal Shredder

The greatest advantage of using the Blue Devil is the increased value of the material destined for steel plants and mills. Since the material is loose and has been shred rather small, it can be handled faster, can be easily inspected for foreign or dangerous material (as opposed to bales or sheared material which is piled up or where dangerous items can be inconspicuous or hidden). Furthermore, pre-shred material can carry greater weight than that of baled material. The size of the loose shred material is very small and the density is very high (approx 60 lbs/cu. ft’), this can allow steel plants to decrease melting costs (2 or 3 fewer loads/day). Placed in front of a hammer mill shredder the Blue Devil can also be used as a pre-grinder: Materials destined for the hammer mill shredder like al. bales, cars, crushed cars, metal bales or bulk scrap metal are subjected to rough shearing, so that once introduced into the hammer mill, the latter works effortlessly, increasing the hammer mill shredders hourly production rate (by about 20-30%). In addition, pre-grinding the material also protects the hammers and mill chamber as an initial screening of the material occurs: the risk of introducing material that is dangerous and can’t be shred by the hammer mill can be eliminated by the safety mechanism of the Blue Devil. Overall, the wear on all the grinding components of the mill itself is also significantly reduced.

Copper Aluminium Electrical Wire Chopper Granulator Machine Guidetti Recycling

The compact granulator model SINCRO 950CE with PMG900 shredder is designed to process electrical cables and radiators. Effective separation of copper and aluminum from insulation (plastic, rubber or paper) when processing cable. Unit can be fed manually or by way of state-of-the-art pre-shredders. 1. 99.9% separation of metal from waste 2. ECO-friendly and Noise Proof Cabinet 3. Inter-connectivity, smart PLC with easy operation 4. low operating costs *Sincro 950CE c/w PMG900, etc.

Gensco Car/Scrap Metal Baler

Gensco's compact Portable or Stationary BALER and LOGGING machines for scrap metal with optional cabin, loading crane, scrap grapple and automatic ejection door. Folding Wing Technology - Strong and Fast, built with high quality components for processing all types of scrap metal. Perfect for small to mid-size scrap yards, MRF or transfer stations. Metal / Automotive bodies / Stainless / HMS #1 & 2 / Light Iron and more... •Cummins Diesel Engine •Full Functioning Crane with rotating scrap grapple •Automatic Baling and Logging Cycles •Remote control •Prepared for Roll-off or Flatbed •Baling: up to 16 Tons per hour •Logging: up to 22 Tons per hour •Automobile Logging: up to 28 Tons per hour