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A Welder Generator that is smaller but more powerful

What is a Hydraulic Welder Generator? A hydraulic welder generator creates welding current and electricity from the already existing hydraulic power of your excavator, service truck, skid steer, or any machine/vehicle with onboard hydraulics.

Unlike a gas welding machine or diesel welder, hydraulic welders require no additional gas or diesel power source. Without the bulky engine, this allows them to be incredibly small and efficient.

All models can fit in the small compartments of your van, truck or machine. In other words, it is always on the job site when you need it.


How Does the Hydraulic Welder Generator Work?

  1. Hydraulic oil flow is plumbed to the hydraulic welding generator’s integrated hydraulic motor through the pressure line
  2. The hydraulic welding generator converts the hydraulic oil flow and pressure into welding current and auxiliary electricity
  3. The hydraulic oil is them plumbed back to carrier machine’s hydraulic oil tank through the return line
small silent welder generator with more power than large diesel tow-behinds

Why Hydraulic Welder Generator over Diesel or Gas or Electric Generators?

  1. Size: Other portable generators need more space to accommodate their external power supply, in most cases, an engine.
  2. Power: To get 400 amps of power from traditional diesel welder generators, you need to dedicate a large amount of space in the truck bed or trailer. When considering a hydraulic driven welder, you will gain that much needed payload but you won't need to sacrifice that power!
  3. Small carbon footprint: Hydraulic generators to not use any additional engine power. They rely entirely on the power already present in the truck, machine or van.
  4. No noise: Diesel and gas generator motors are loud. Hydraulic motors are quite. This is especially true of the new Dynaset “Silent” motors.
  5. Save money: Simply no energy costs and no maintenance.
  6. Goes where you go: It's difficult to get large diesel engines to remote areas. Welder generator combos often don't deliver the power needed for bigger jobs. A hydraulic welder mounts easily on any work machine, tractor, truck or van with onboard hydraulics. It will go with you to remote farming, forestry and confined areas delivering the current and electricity you need.

HWG Hydraulic Welder Generator

Man cutting steel pipe with circular saw powered by welder generator
Man welding a drilling machine with a welder generator and welder stick
man welding steal pipe using hydraulic welder generator


Although this looks like a small engine driven welder, it isn't. It is a hydraulic driven welder that is as powerful than as traditional portable welding machines eight times its size.

This small portable welder offers 180 amps to 400 amps of high-quality current. AC-power ranges from 6 kVA to 10 kVA. The power from this machine compared to its size is like... Show More