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Gensco’s End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV) equipment delivers power, safety, and efficiency.
Our wide range of must-have purpose-built systems and equipment will meet the needs of any size auto recycling operation.

  • These state-of-the-art hydraulic lifts and drainage systems are built for maximum fluid recovery.
  • Our dismantling systems include world-renowned catalytic converter cutters and high-precision vehicle dismantler grapples/clamps.
  • Gensco’s truck and car rim crushers include specialized crushing beams with exclusive wear-pad design and industry-leading durability.
  • High-value metal recovery equipment from wire harnesses and catalytic converters.
Gensco’s complete line of ELV equipment will support all your auto recycling from start to finish.

Vehicle Depollution Equipment - Fluid Recovery

end-of-life vehicle depollution system
end-of-life vehicle depollution system
end-of-life vehicle depollution system

Depollution equipment for ELV cars - built to the highest standards in the industry. A full range of purpose-built equipment and systems offers solutions for any size or type of operation.

Options include:

  • ELV depollution pneumatic systems for safe and efficient recovery of oil, water, fuel, and other fluids
  • A variety of lifts to integrate with drainage systems
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Auto Dismantling

Car on a hydraulic car tilting lift
Catalytic cutting tool with curved blades
Catalytic converter shear

Gensco offers a complete line of ELV car wrecking equipment for dismantling and the recovery of engines, catalytic converters, parts, and axles.

  • Hydraulic car tilting lifts with elevator lift and fixed platform options provides a safe means of dismantling engines and axles with maximum efficiency
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Metals Recovery Equipment

Alligator Shear for cutting catalytic converter
Wire Recycling Machine

Maximize ROI on car dismantling by recovering high-value metals.

  1. Recover Palladium, Platinum, and Rhodium from catalytic converters using our DTX300 ALLIGATOR SHEAR, with hydraulic hold-down 
  2. Easily remove vehicle wire harnesses, fenders, radiators, axles, and other parts containing va… Show More

Car and Truck Rim Crusher

Three ram wheel crusher
Rim Crusher Crushing a Wheel
Side view of wheel crusher

WC500 and TRC460 - portable or stationary Rim Crushers suitable for salvage, landfill operators, and tire recyclers.  

Wheel Crushing Capacity

  • 30"


  • AR-400 crushing beams with exclusive wear pad design and industry leading durability
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