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Cable Stripping Machinery

Automatic wire stripping machines for all sizes and types of cable and wire

The CSX range of scrap wire strippers are uniquely designed to process everything from small gauge fine stranded wire up to large High Voltage, Teck and Utility Cables. The specially designed blade and feed roller assembly is infinitely adjustable to remove insulation from all small wire and large cable from 1/16” - 4 ½”. We offer table top or self-standing models with speeds up to 110' / min.


Our Super stripper range are specialized electric wire and cable stripping machines for practically all types of armored and/or heavily insulated cable. Standard machines process up to 6” diameter armored cable (Steel, Aluminum, Lead, Monel) with custom machines for larger diameter requirements or for BX and Reda cable processing.

Avoid costly downtime with cheaper, inferior imitations. Choose “The Original” from Gensco. All models built with reliable and durable components with parts readily available for when you need them.

Contact our highly experienced team! They will be happy to answer your questions and guide you toward an appropriate machine for your requirements. Scroll Down to Find our Copper Wire Strippers & Electric Wire Strippers Below!

For larger volumes or hard to strip material, we also offer a full range of wire choppers.  Small self-contained granulator separators up to full plants that can process up to 5 ton / hour. 

CSX-001 Table Top Cable Stripper

Table Top Automatic Wire Stripper Machine

The Original CSX-001 - Our basic bench top industrial cable stripper. Capacity from 1/16” (1mm) to 2-3/8” (60mm) diameter.

Simple and... Show More

CSX-2000 Cable Stripper

CSX 2000 cable stripper wire stripper

The CSX-2000 - Our heavy duty bench top industrial cable stripper. Capacity from 1/16” (1mm) to 4” (100mm)... Show More

CSX-2010 Cable Stripper

CSX-2010 - Heavy duty, production cable stripping machine for all scrap operations. Capacity 1/16” to 4½” (1.5-115... Show More

Super Stripper CSX-170

Model CSX-170: Capacity: 1/8” to 3”
The CSX-170 cable stripper is a universal machine, very versatile and is capable of stripping a wide range of different cables with ease.

This machine can strip... Show More

Super Stripper CSX-300

Model CSX-300: Capacity: 5/8” to 4.75”
The CSX-300 cable stripper is a rugged, robust and durable machine suitable for the toughest of working environments. It's capable of stripping just... Show More

Super Stripper CSX-600

Model CSX-600E: Capacity: 2” to 6”

The CSX-600 cable stripper is very rugged, robust and durable machine suitable for the toughest of working environments its capable of stripping most or all cables from 50mm (2")... Show More