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Blue and yellow automatic wire stripping machine
Blue and yellow automatic wire stripping machine
Cable being fed through cable stripper stripper feed roller

CSX-2010 Cable Stripper

Product Description


CSX-2010 - Heavy duty, Heavy duty, aluminum and copper wire stripping machine for all scrap operations. Capacity 1/16” to 4½” (1.5-115 mm) in diameter.

There are two stripping areas. The main cutting head has upper and lower cutting blades, and the second cutting head is designed for smaller wires. The blade and feed roller assembly are fully adjustable. Full forward and reverse, plus automatic safety braking system.

Can pull wire and cable through up to 110 ft. (35 M)/min for heavy tough wire and cable including most high voltage cable.

Electric Requirement: 3 HP motor, 1 or 3 phase 220/440/575v 50/60Hz

Weight: Approx.  780 lb. /  355 kg