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Rerailing System

Product Description

With over 50 years of experience, LUKAS offers the highest quality hydraulic products, operating precisely, safely and with ease. Choosing LUKAS's industry leading rerailing system makes rail lines available for use as quickly as possible and minimizes downtime costs. 

As the specialist in rerailing and hydraulic technology, LUKAS can offer you the greatest variety of products to get you back on track. The wide range of cylinders and attachments ensures that you can assemble precisely the system that suits your requirements whether you are lifting, pushing, pulling or traversing.

LUKAS rerailing technology is characterized by its outstanding user friendliness and well-structured technology. This can be experienced through the operation of the control desk from a safe distance. The double-acting DUO traversing system ensures you can move the load in both directions along the entire length of the bridge with precision and at a safe distance without any manual intervention.

LUKAS is the answer to get you back on track.

For a video demonstration please follow the link below. 

Watch Video Explanation of Rerailing Equipment Functions Watch Live Rerailing Project Visit Lukas Rerailing Database