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Single Phase Rebar Benders

Small, light-weight and portable, our line of single phase electric rebar benders and spiral radius machines offer an affordable choice when on-site or remote production is required.


Single phase, 115V operation

Capacity: #8 - 1" - 25MM
c/w dual foot pedal controls, 2 drive rollers
with bearings for rotation, and 3 center rollers 65, 95, & 125 mm diameter (2.5", 3.75" & 5" approx)
Split pin stirrup assembly with 2 bending radii.
Bars are not dragged through machine, but held
firmly during … Show More


Single phase, 230V operation

Capacity: #6 - 3/4" - 20MM
2 x #5 (15 mm), 3 x #4 (12 mm)
c/w foot pedal control, rollers, split pin
stirrup assembly. Simple slide block mechanism
allows the operator to quickly and accurately adjust and pre-set up to 2 angles.
Adjustable from 0 - 180 degrees, maximum single CCW bending direction
Machine we… Show More


rebar bender and shear on stand

Capacity: #8 - 1" - 25M High Tensile Grade 60 Rebar
Single Phase Operation, 115 volts, 60 Hz

Includes TYB-HD35 Table Bender with RC-25 Cutter mounted on common steel stand.
Each tool can be used independently and removed from stand.
(Requires 2 x 115… Show More


Blue Rebar Bending Machine with Spiral Hoop Sample on Top
Blue Rebar Bending Machine

TYR-HD25 - a well priced machine for bending rebar rings and spirals from an approx. min. dia. of 7" to an unlimited max. Ideal for work sites that need to bend rebar quickly on the job and precast.

Rebar Dia. Capacity:

#6 - 20M - 3/4" 


  1. Three Adjustable Bend Rollers
  2. Special center ro… Show More