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Telescopic Digging Arms

Telescopic Dipper Arms reaching depths to 40m or 130 feet


Depth reaching 40m or 130 feet

As an alternative to using standard clamshells with extensions we can also offer a special attachment for your excavator that allows for deep digging below grade.

The telescopic arm could be ideal for your application. Please take a look at the attached files and below.

The Telescopic Arm has been developed for working on underground and/or underwater down to 40 meters of depth (sixteen story below ground!), in  the complex projects, the slim construction of the Telearm is ideally suited for foundation works, as, narrow excavation shafts, metro stations, underground parking, underground renovations and canal clearance, and much more.........
Suitable for any excavator from any brand, from 6 tons up to 80 tons.
You don’t need to buy or rent a crane
You can use your own excavator faster and safer than a crane and when you don’t need the telescopic arm, you could use it for other applications.
Capable of loading up a truck in less than 10 minutes (More than 45 trucks in one day!).
Without the Telescopic arm, the excavation process would have been slower and less safe.
UNDERGROUND WORK; digging work, block handling, slurry wall, underground parking
UNDERWATER WORK, (salt n’fresh water); gravel handling, boulders n’concrete block handling, removing and/or cutting trees

MANUFACTURING A WIDE RANGE OF ATTACHMENTS; clamshell buckets, digging & dredging buckets, log grabs, harvester heads and more